True Superheroes

Meet Molly Miller (Great Dane X) and Zarah Michael (Bullmastiff – this is a cute baby picture – she is all grown up now weighting in at 40kg). 

Molly and Zarah are true superheroes, they have both donated blood to dogs in need in the last month.  Without this much needed blood we would not have been able to save the lives of two of our patients. 

Blood donation in dogs is a little different to that of humans.  We keep a list of volunteer donors and when the need arises, we call around to see who is available.  We greatly appreciate our clients who give up their time to bring their much-loved pets in to help us save lives.  These brave dogs are true superheroes. 

To become a donor dog, the dog must be in good health, vaccinated and a large breed dog (40kg or more). If you would like to add your dog’s name to our donor list, please call us on 4928 4266.