Microchipping is so Important

Vet clinics are often the first place stray dogs and cats are taken when they are found.  It is so important that all pets, both cats and dogs, are microchipped.  It is the best chance we have of reuniting you and your pet. 

How does a microchip work?

A lot of people do not understand how a microchip works.  It is not a tracking device.  A microchip holds a 15-digit number which is recorded with your details on a database.  There are numerous companies with which your pet may be registered such as Australian Animal Registry, Central Animal Records, Homesafe ID, National Pet Register etc.  When an animal comes into a vet clinic or council pound, they are scanned, and a search is performed on their number.  This will then connect us to the database and we are able to contact you to collect your animal.  A microchip costs $49 and can save your pets life. 


Already microchipped but need to update your contact details?

If your pet is already microchipped and you are not sure what database they are registered on, or if your details are not up to date, you can perform a search at www.petaddress.com.au.  A microchip is only as good as the accuracy of the information registered to it.  We see many strays come in that are still registered to the breeders who first supplied them or with outdated contact numbers.  When you buy a new pet, please ensure that the microchip details have been updated.  You should receive a change of ownership form with your new puppy or kitten.  Please ensure you fill this form out and send it away as soon as possible.

Don't let your beloved pet become the next stray!

We cannot reunite you and your pet unless your pet is microchipped, and your details are up to date.