Meet Colin the luckiest dog ever!

Meet Colin, a 9 year old Shar Pei who likes to take on brown snakes! Colin has survived three snake bites now and is one very lucky dog. Colin’s luck is mostly down to his lovely owners who were able to get him to us quickly and start his treatment. Colin’s latest encounter also involved his sister, Kathleen, who has also had a previous encounter with a brown snake. While Kathleen was spared this time, Colin was not. He is however recovering extremely well from his recent encounter and is amazing us all.

Different snakes can cause different symptoms but some of the common ones are collapsing or vomiting straight after being bitten. Your animal may appear to recover quickly but then as time passes will show more symptoms such as dilated or enlarged pupils, hind leg weakness which progresses to complete paralysis, rapid and shallow breathing, trembling, drooling, depression, bleeding from wounds, blood in their urine or vomiting and pale gums. Identification of the snake can aid in the treatment of your pet however your safety should always come first. If you can get a picture on your phone of the snake safely for identification purposes please do so. Please never try to catch a snake yourself! CQ Snake Identification on Facebook is a great source for identification and snake catchers in your area. If you think your pet may have been bitten it is extremely important to get them to a vet ASAP! Early treatment with antivenom is your pet’s best chance of surviving their encounter with a venomous snake.